Glorious victory won by our teacher Mrs.Annie Darcas

The Vishwesharaya Science Museum Pondicherry organized a Southern India regional science exhibition and competition for school students and teachers under the “Schools’ Education Movement”. Hundreds of students and teachers from Maharastra  Pondicherry, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Kerala participated in the event.

Our Physics teacher Mrs. Annie Darcas with the guidance of her colleagues in the Physics department represented Tamil Nadu in the National level competition in Pondicherry, having previously been  selected in a District level competition..

She gave talks, lessons and demonstrations on Bernoulli’s Principle to the judges and public. Her impressive demonstration, clear explanation and excellent delivery brought her to everyone’s notice.

 We are delighted to report that she secured First Place at State level and Second Place in the National level contest. She was honoured by the Honorable Minister of Education Pondicherry, Mr  Kamalakannan.

After returning to Tirunelveli she was appreciated and honoured  by the District collector Mr. Karunakaran at a Government Function organized by the Educational Department of Tirunelveli District.



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