On 25th August the Kindergarten department conducted a Fancy Dress competition for the tiny tots. From 9 am onwards Parents with their dressed up children started assembling in the Priory Hall. The parents were as excited as the children. The Lower Kindergarten children were dressed like flowers, vegetables, fruits or animals, whereas the UKG had many novel ideas such as Palm trees or Maggi Noodles.

It was a very colourful display enjoyed by all – especially the parents who believed it really helped their children’s confidence and allowed them to show off their talents.

The impartial and patient judges were Mrs. Lakshmi, Mrs. Vijaya Giftson and                      Mr. Muthuraj who did their work with much good humour.






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Quizzing Success

Sri Jayendra has had great performances in two recent Quiz competitions.

The Hindu Inter-School Quiz organised by National Insurance Company Limited was held on 20th August in Madurai.
232 teams took part representing schools from the southern districts of Tamilnadu. A written preliminary round of 25 questions was used to select the top six teams for the finals.
Our pupils V. SriSivamurugan and B. Selvamuthu Balaji  won through to  the top six. In the Finals these two led the show from the first question to the last and bagged the first place with 70 more points than the second team .

This astonishing performance has  brought laurels to our school and also to Tirunelveli city who will be representing the Madurai region in the National Finals to be held on August 31 in Kolkata.

Congratulations to them for this remarkable result.

Hindu Quiz

Hindu Quiz1

Only two days earlier on August 18th Sri Jayendra were toppers of all zones at all levels in the Puranava Quiz 2018

Our team of M.J Sanjana and M.G. Indhu Varsha added another feather to Sri Jayendra’s cap.
Puranava Quiz  is an  Indian Heritage Quiz conducted by Global Organisation of Divinity (with the unassuming acronym GOD) in Tamilnadu
Teams from 20 zones are whittled down through several rounds to the best six who then take part in the Finals. Sanjana and  Indhu Varsha were among the six.

Their performance in the Finals was stunning: they answered every question correctly to come First.
They were rewarded with gold coins and gift hampers and since their  scores in the Preliminary rounds were the highest from all the zones they were given a special prize for being the Toppers of All Zones.

They have our heartiest congratulations and appreciation.



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Australian Cricket Player Brad Hogg visits us.

Brad Hogg, the 47 year old Mercurial Chinaman bowler (left arm wrist off spin), who has got 320 wickets across all formats for Australia, visited our school on 10th of July as  part of promoting Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL): he was to be commentator for the first time for TNPL the next day.

Our students were excited to receive an International Cricket player and gave him a warm welcome by vibrantly playing ‘Parai’ one of the oldest drums of India much featured in South Indian Culture. After a cheerful welcome speech by our Principal Mrs.Usha Raman, Mr.Hogg gave an inspirational address to the students.

Some boys performed Silambam the martial art of Tamilnadu.  He was carried away by their performance and finished up on the ground trying to perform Silamabam!

In the interactive session which followed our students asked many questions which he answered very interestingly and fully. When one of the students asked him ‘From whom you would like to get an autograph’?, he replied ‘Tom Cruise’! adding he found that an interesting question.

 After a dance performance depicting our Tamil Culture with Kavadi, Mayillattam and Poikaal Kuthirai Dance which he appreciated very much and was keen to be photographed with the dancers  we moved to our school cricket nets where he bowled at a few batsmen and encouraged our budding cricketers by signing autographs and giving them a few tips. It was a memorable visit.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-10 at 19.26.37WhatsApp Image 2018-07-10 at 19.25.33


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WhatsApp Image 2018-07-10 at 16.03.40

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-10 at 19.29.13

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-10 at 19.30.08

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The Mill Hill School Visit

The Mill Hill School Visit

Since 2000, the year of the blooming of the partnership between Sri Jayendra and Mill Hill School, London, the visit of Millhillians in the month of June to our school gives an amazing start to every academic year. On 25th of June a group of 23 students guided by 4 staff Ms. Sanchez, The Deputy Head of Mill Hill School, London, Mr.Steve, Ms.Hanna and Mr. Fritz. reached Sankarnagar. Our children and staff gave overwhelming welcome to all of them in the morning assembly welcoming and wishing them a good stay with an English song by our school choir.


Interactive sessions

With bubbling excitement our students of class 4 to 8 attended the English classes of the Mill Hill Students. The Millhillians were so kind and concern to our students and taught them through various rhymes, puzzles, games and other activities.






The Geography Staff Ms. Hannah and Maths staff Mr.Steve were keenly interested in knowing our syllabus and observed some of our classes too. They were so nice that they accepted to demonstrate some classes for us and that was really very useful to us.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-05 at 19.08.42

Experiencing our culture

They loved and experienced our culture here with interest. Every evening the Millhillians had music session with our Music staff and Choir children. They learnt dance with our students. The Millhillians had an amzing experience of visiting Car Festival in Tirunelveli. They also enjoyed the Priory basket ball tournament, an inter school basket ball tournament organized in our school basket ball ground during their presence here.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-03 at 15.42.57


They loved shopping in our town shops and our school staff accompanied them happily to Courtallam waterfall, Manappadu beach and other places.  During weekends they went to Kodaikkanal and Kanyakumari.

Thanksgiving Ceremony

On July 9, we organized a Thanks Giving Function to Millhillillains who are very close to our heart and special to us. It was a day of mixed emotions. On that day morning a Table Tennis Court in our school campus was inaugurated and dedicated to our school children.

Thanksgiving ceremony with the annual award prize distribution was started at 6 p.m. The ground became so colourful and lively, when the Millhillians entered the ground in Indian costume looking gorgeous.

Our Principal welcomed them wholeheartedly expressing the value our partnership. The school choir gave a wonderful performance with number of songs in different languages making the crowd vibrant. The Millhillians too joined with our choir for few songs.

Then the annual prize distribution for the toppers in the previous academic year started. This year we expressed our joy to the toppers in the board examinations by releasing a stamp in their name.

The highlight of the function was the phenominal dance performance by our students. The alumnae too joined the performance. The folk dances of different states of India like Ghoomer, Jhumar, Bhangra, Kavadi were performed professionally by our students with extraordinary skill and it was spectacular!!

A sumptuous dinner was arranged for all in the basket ball ground. The ground filled with joy, tears, goodbyes between us and the Millhillians.


















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Jayendrans triumph in the Hindu Young World Quiz

The Hindu Young World Quiz is India’s largest inter-school live quiz. This year the 18th edition of the Quiz for the southern districts of Tamilnadu was held in Madurai on 22nd January. It was conducted by the eminent quiz master Mr.V.V.Ramanan.

Students from classes 7, 8 and 9 took part in the Senior category. In the Preliminary round 106 teams battled it out to win one of only six places the grand finale. A magnificent performance saw two teams from Sri Jayendra coming first and third and taking two of the hot seats on the stage: the other four teams were from Madurai schools.
We are proud to say that Sri Jayendra is the only school from Tirunelveli to reach the finals of this prestigious quiz each year for the last three years.

As well as such things as an audio/video round and an India-themed round, the teams also had an opportunity to identify a South Indian Actor whose face was hidden behind a matrix of 24 questions, each correct answer revealing a square.  In an exciting competition where the lead kept changing Nantha Balan & Mohamed Sameer eventually started to dominate answering all the questions thrown at them and additionally playing 8 buzzer questions at lightning speed. This took them to an unbeatable score of 185 points pushing  Jeevana School, Madurai into second place trailing 85 points behind.

Nivetha and Arun narayanan, the other Jayendran team in the finals also played well and reached  third place close behind Jeevana School

The teams in the final were awarded trophies, goodies, certificates and gift hampers  and additionally the overall winners, Nantha Balan and Mohammed Sameer of class 9, were each presented with bicycles.

Our Principal Mrs.Usha Raman congratulated our school quiz teams for achieving this great feat!



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Planting a Tree: a Living Gift for Life

Members of our School Green belt movement – “Pasumai Bharatam” – had the idea of organizing a ‘Seed Ball Embedding’ project.

Seed balls are spheres of red clay, soil or compost, mixed with native plant seeds. Barren spaces can be made more beautiful simply by tossing Seed Balls on the ground! The seed will spread and start to grow after being watered and broken down naturally. Often referred to as “seed bombs,” people have been using this technique for centuries to seed crops.

 We thought a suitable day to execute our project would be  December 10, the birthday of our beloved Principal.
Our students worked tirelessly to make the organic seed balls and made nearly 4000. After a formal inaugural function in the school conference hall, the school Interact club members together with  students, staff, our Principal, Vice Principal and Correspondent went in a school bus  to nearby areas and embedded the seed balls by throwing them along lake beds. We are very proud to say that we are the first in this district to initiate this programme.

We hope to see the fruits of our labour in years to come.







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Congratulations to our Students who won second place in the State level Quiz Competition.

On 27 October 2017, The National Engineering College, Kovilpatti organised a State Level Quiz for Higher Secondary Students. The Quiz master was the popular Cricket Commentator Dr. Sumanth  C. Raman.

Excitement filled the auditorium from the moment the quiz master started the quiz in a lively and interactive way.

Many reputed schools from across the state participated in the competition.  Twenty questions were asked in the preliminary round and the top eight scorers were invited to occupy the hot seat on the stage to play the grand Finale.

Our students V. Sri Siva Murugan and Jothi Ramalingam of class 11 were the toppers by scoring   16 out of 20 in the preliminary round.

In the subsequent seven rounds our students performed very well but they lost first place by getting two questions wrong in the Buzzer round which earned minus marks.
When the closely fought Finals were over, we were declared the First Runner Up.

Our students were awarded a cash prize of Rs.15,000.



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Puranava Quiz 2017

Every year the Global Organization for Divinity (GOD TRUST) conducts an Indian Heritage quiz – PURANAVA – for school students. From the inception of this quiz in 2012 Sri Jayendra has maintained a consistency of performance and always been in the top three in the Finals.

The Preliminary Round  at Zonal Level  was conducted in August across 10 districts: 3000 students from 250 schools took part.
We are very proud that our student M.Nandha Balan of Class 9 scored the highest mark bringing laurels to our school.

 For the next two levels M.Nandha Balan and M.Darshini of class 9 paired up to compete in the semi finals against 25 teams. They came first thus reaching the finals where they managed third place.

They were rewarded with medals, Silver coin and shields.



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Cleanliness Drive marks Gandhi Jayanthi..

Gandhi Jayanthi is a National holiday to celebrate Gandhi’s birthday: it is celebrated on October 2nd which this year was also the 3rd Anniversary of the Swach Bharath Mission. This is a National campaign to encourage people to clean up the streets of India and take pride in their environment.

Our school students were invited to perform in a “Human LED” show in the VOC Stadium, Palayamkottai. It was an initiative to create awareness among the public that a cleanliness drive is an ideal start to eliminating some of the social issues in Indian society.

The show involved 800 students of which 320 were from Jayendra. Each pupil had a large card with a different colour on either side. When arrayed in a stand in  predetermined positions each pupil could hold up their card thus forming an image and then flip them for a second image.

One image was of Mahatma Gandhi, the other had the message “Swach Bharath” or Clean India. “Human Pixel” may be a better term than “Human LED” because no light was emitted but we hope some illumination was shed on the Clean India campaign.

Our students performed the show to a song on Swach Bharath which was written by our school Principal, Usha Raman,  and scored by our  Music master Jesuraja. Both song and show were most appropriate for the occasion and very much appreciated by the District collector and all the dignitaries who were present.

Though the show was devised and rehearsed at very short notice it was executed very professionally and was admired by all.

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