Outstanding Performance in Puranava Quiz 2018 !

M.J.Sanjana & M.G.Indhuvarsha of class 9 with a massive score of 250 points culminated as the Proud Champions and Overall Toppers in the Grand Finale of Puranava Quiz 2018, An  Indian Heritage Quiz for the School Students on August 18, 2018 in Madurai. These two students made the history by getting the highest  score  in the preliminary written test conducted in the month of July across Tamilnadu in 20 zones. The top 24 scorers from the 20 zones took part in the Semi Finals and in that too our students reached the highest score.

The Global Organisation of Divinity the organizers of this Heritage Quiz appreciated our students and awarded them Gold coins, Trophy and Wrist Watches. For achieving the overall top performance a Trophy was awarded to the school. The students and the staff behind the success of the students were appreciated and honoured in the school assembly by our Principal Mrs. Usha Raman.



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National Engineering College, Kovilpatti conducted a state level quiz competition for the Higher Secondary Students on October 31, 2018. The Quiz was hosted by the Quiz master Dr.Sumanth C. Raman.  The Competition drew participation from 108 teams representing various schools in Tamilnadu. Sri Siva Murugan -XII and Selva Muthu Balaji-XI , our consistent and dynamic quizzers represented our school.  A written prelims with a power point projection was conducted by Dr.Sumanth C. Raman for the 108 teams. Out of that the top 8 teams were called upon on stage to take part in the Finlas. In the Prelims our students and Madurai TVS School boys scored 15 ½ marks out of 20 which was announced as the first mark for the prelims.

The Finals was conducted very differently by the Quiz master throwing all the questions open to buzzer. Totally there were 8 rounds, out of which 7 rounds were buzzer.  So the whole vent was like a life or death for the teams on stage. The last round of the show was long connectivity. 8 clues were shown one after another on the screen and whoever cracks the theme will be awarded bonus points. It was our students who cracked the theme and scored 20 bonus points. Inspite of that we were able to won the Second place in this State Level Quiz. Our students were awarded 15000/ cash prize.

In the school assembly they were appreciated by Our Principal and our special Guests Mr.William Winfield and Mr.Paul Bickerdike.

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Quizzing Achievements


On August 27, 2018  a Quiz Competition NEC-TALENTIA 2018 was conducted in Kovilpatti for the students of classes 6.7 and 8. Schools from the Tuticorin, Tirunleveli, Virudunagar and Kanyakumari District participated in this Quiz. Our Students Kalyani of class 8 and Srivatsan of class 6 represented our school. These budding stars with their outstanding and bubbling performance brought laurels to the school by getting First Place in the Preliminary level and the Finals.

Winners of Mahatma Gandhi Quiz !

Government of India is commemorating the 150th Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, The Father of Our Nation  by conducting various constructive activities. As a part of it, the District Science Centre in Tirunelveli Conducted an Inter School Quiz Competition for School Students on October 3, 2018. The same was conducted on the same date across the country by the National Science Museum. The first prize winners will be representing their zone in the National Finlas to be held in November 2018. Our Students Sanjana and Induvarsha of class 9 participated in the quiz conducted here on October 3rd and won first place. Apart from answering usual questions from the life of Gandhiji, they were able to perform very well in the rounds like “ Quotes Of Gandhi”, “Photo Gallery” “Works Of Gandhi” etc.,  They are preparing vigorously now to take part in the National Finals.

Gandhian Quiz - I Prize

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Best moment of Pride in Quizzing – The Hindu Inter School Quiz Contest!

The Hindu Inter School Quiz contest organised by National Insurance Company Limited was held on August 20, Monday in Madurai. As many as 232 teams representing various schools from the southern districts of Tamilnadu in the written preliminary round answered 25 questions to make it to the top six for the finals. Our students V. Sri Sivamurugan of class 12 and B. Selvamuthu Balaji of class 11 were one among the top six teams to sit on the hot seat. In the Finals right from the question one of first round to the last question of the Final round they led the show and bagged the first place at the fiercely competed event with 70 points above the first runner up. They have brought laurels to our school and the Tirunelveli city and represented the Madurai region in the National Finale held on August 31 in Kolkatta. To our surprise the organisers of the Quiz sponsored flight tickets to us for attending the National Finale.

The zonal level was conducted across 12 cities in India and the first place winner from all the 12 zones were present in kolkatta on 31st August, 2018. The Semi Finals was conducted in two pools A and B. We were placed in Semi Final Pool A and battled with toppers of Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Vijayawada and Chennai. It was a neck to neck show and our students played very well and stood first in the Semi Finals and reached the Finals.

The first three places from Semi Finals Pool A and Pool B finally reached the National Finale, the most awaited moment of the day. Every team on the hot seat played very well and the buzzers were alarming continuously even before the questions were completed fully by the quiz master.  It almost looked like a battle between the master brains of India.  Other teams with us on stage were Kochi, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Mumbai.  We were able to get the Third Place in the National Finale of this Quiz. The students were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 , Goodies and memorable flight trip to back home.


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Hindu Quiz



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Yet more cricket success for the Sri Jayendra Cricket Academy!

In October Sri Jayendra had excellent performances in two T20 tournaments at Under 17 and Under 15 level

Sixteen schools entered Under 17 teams in a T 20 competition organised by V.V. Engineering College, Thisayanvillai.

The Jayendra pupils played professionally and reached the finals where they met Vikasa School, Tuticorin.

With a splendid performance, our players chased the target fixed by Vikasa and won the match after only 16 overs.

They were awarded the Trophy and a cash prize of Rs.5000.

The Pagada Sports Academy of Kovilpatti organized an Under 15,  T 20 Cricket Tournament. Eight teams from  Cricket Academies in Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts took part.
Our Jayendra boys played consistently and with confidence throughout the tournament eventually reaching the finals where they played the team from the host academy Pagada.

We won the Trophy!

 Arshad Ahmad Khan of Class IX emerged as the Best Bowler and S.Aditya of class VIII was conferred with the ‘Man of the Match’ title.

Congratulations to all the players involved and to our Cricket Coaches Mr.Rajasekar and Mr.Karthik who have brought the teams to such a high standard.

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Jayendrans are crowned Athletics champions

A zonal athletics meeting was organised at Anna Stadium in Tirunelveli at the end of August 2018.

Thirty two schools entered competitors for individual and team sports.

Our school makes a great effort to encourage both boys and girls to participate in a range of sports so we were able to field competitors in all the events. Our pupils took part with enthusiasm in track and field running distances from 100m to 3000m including relays and in high jump and long jump.

In the Boys Division, we clinched eight gold medals and one in the Girls division giving us 9 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze medals in total.

This made Sri Jayendra champions of the Zonal Athletics Meet 2018: we were awarded the  Championship Trophy and the Title.

Our Principal and Correspondent expressed their happiness over this victory. They congratulated the Physical Education Department Staff and Students for their hardworking, practice and dedication.

Atheletic Zonal level


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We are the Champions – and the Runners Up!

In September 2018 The Majestic Cricket Club in Nellai organized an under 17 cricket tournament for the southern districts of Tamilnadu.

Eighteen teams from Madurai, Tuticorin and Tirunelveli districts gathered at the Majestic cricket ground in Palayamkottai for the knock out competition. Sri Jayendra entered two teams.

After some brilliant and exciting cricket the two teams to reach the final were Jayendra A and Jayendra B so we finished up playing ourselves in the battle for the trophy!

In the final Jayendra B were victorious despite being our junior side so they collected the trophy and a cash prize of Rs 25,000.

Jayendra A team had to be satisfied with a cash prize of Rs 15,000.

The Stars of the Tournament from our school were:

Dinesh Raj of Class 12 – Best Batsman

Arshad Ahmad Khan of class 9 –Best Bowler

Selva Harish of Class 11 – Player of the Tournament

The entire team and the Coach Mr.Rajasekar were appreciated by the Principal, Correspondent and the management for the Glorious Victory.

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On 25th August the Kindergarten department conducted a Fancy Dress competition for the tiny tots. From 9 am onwards Parents with their dressed up children started assembling in the Priory Hall. The parents were as excited as the children. The Lower Kindergarten children were dressed like flowers, vegetables, fruits or animals, whereas the UKG had many novel ideas such as Palm trees or Maggi Noodles.

It was a very colourful display enjoyed by all – especially the parents who believed it really helped their children’s confidence and allowed them to show off their talents.

The impartial and patient judges were Mrs. Lakshmi, Mrs. Vijaya Giftson and                      Mr. Muthuraj who did their work with much good humour.






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Quizzing Success

Sri Jayendra has had great performances in two recent Quiz competitions.

The Hindu Inter-School Quiz organised by National Insurance Company Limited was held on 20th August in Madurai.
232 teams took part representing schools from the southern districts of Tamilnadu. A written preliminary round of 25 questions was used to select the top six teams for the finals.
Our pupils V. SriSivamurugan and B. Selvamuthu Balaji  won through to  the top six. In the Finals these two led the show from the first question to the last and bagged the first place with 70 more points than the second team .

This astonishing performance has  brought laurels to our school and also to Tirunelveli city who will be representing the Madurai region in the National Finals to be held on August 31 in Kolkata.

Congratulations to them for this remarkable result.

Hindu Quiz

Hindu Quiz1

Only two days earlier on August 18th Sri Jayendra were toppers of all zones at all levels in the Puranava Quiz 2018

Our team of M.J Sanjana and M.G. Indhu Varsha added another feather to Sri Jayendra’s cap.
Puranava Quiz  is an  Indian Heritage Quiz conducted by Global Organisation of Divinity (with the unassuming acronym GOD) in Tamilnadu
Teams from 20 zones are whittled down through several rounds to the best six who then take part in the Finals. Sanjana and  Indhu Varsha were among the six.

Their performance in the Finals was stunning: they answered every question correctly to come First.
They were rewarded with gold coins and gift hampers and since their  scores in the Preliminary rounds were the highest from all the zones they were given a special prize for being the Toppers of All Zones.

They have our heartiest congratulations and appreciation.



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Australian Cricket Player Brad Hogg visits us.

Brad Hogg, the 47 year old Mercurial Chinaman bowler (left arm wrist off spin), who has got 320 wickets across all formats for Australia, visited our school on 10th of July as  part of promoting Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL): he was to be commentator for the first time for TNPL the next day.

Our students were excited to receive an International Cricket player and gave him a warm welcome by vibrantly playing ‘Parai’ one of the oldest drums of India much featured in South Indian Culture. After a cheerful welcome speech by our Principal Mrs.Usha Raman, Mr.Hogg gave an inspirational address to the students.

Some boys performed Silambam the martial art of Tamilnadu.  He was carried away by their performance and finished up on the ground trying to perform Silamabam!

In the interactive session which followed our students asked many questions which he answered very interestingly and fully. When one of the students asked him ‘From whom you would like to get an autograph’?, he replied ‘Tom Cruise’! adding he found that an interesting question.

 After a dance performance depicting our Tamil Culture with Kavadi, Mayillattam and Poikaal Kuthirai Dance which he appreciated very much and was keen to be photographed with the dancers  we moved to our school cricket nets where he bowled at a few batsmen and encouraged our budding cricketers by signing autographs and giving them a few tips. It was a memorable visit.

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