Throughout the School all lessons are taught in English.

For the Kindergarten we use the Exceed curriculum by i.Discovery which prepares the children for the Tamil Nadu State Curriculum which is used from First Standard onwards.

From I to V Standard all pupils study English and Tamil. They can, if they wish, also study Hindi. Provision is made for students from other states who are unable to study Tamil. From VI to X Standard they study English and choose one of Tamil or Hindi.

Up to X Standard pupils also study:

  • Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Computer Science, Physical Education, and Value Education

In X Standard all pupils take the SSLC (Tamil Nadu State Board Secondary School Leaving Certificate).

In XI and XII Standard pupils study English and one of Tamil, Hindi or French.

They also choose either to study Science subjects or Commerce.


  • Maths, Physics, Chemistry and either Biology or Computer Science


  • Accountancy, Commerce, Economics and either Business Maths or Computer Science

They then sit the HSC (Tamil Nadu State Higher Secondary Certificate).

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