On February 27, 2016  the Einstein College of Engineering in Tirunelveli conducted their annual science competition which gives school students an opportunity to show their talents for innovation and invention in science. Participants show their ideas through working models and each school can display a maximum of three models.

Exhibits on a wide range of topics were on display from schools from Tirunelveli and Tuticorin Districts.

Our Science Masters encouraged and supported  higher secondary class student to produce three excellent projects, namely Mouse for Amputees, Sensitive Street Lights and Visual Ray Diagrams.

The Mouse is a computer mouse which can be worn like a slipper so that amputees who have lost arms can operate a computer using their feet.

The Sensitive Street Light becomes bright or dull when thermal sensors detect people nearby: an idea designed to reduce electricity consumption.

The Visual Ray Diagram is a teaching aid to help students visualize ray diagram for spherical lenses and mirrors by using laser light and smoke in a closed transparent container.

The Computer Mouse exhibited by R. Balaji and  S. Maharajan of class XI was appreciated by all. They answered confidently when questioned by the judges and the display was well explained and demonstrated.

This deserving team won the First Place with a cash award of Rs.5000/-.

The other projects were also praised and Sri Jayendra was awarded the overall Champions Trophy.

There is no doubt that the science projects help students to learn some exciting hands on science.





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