Independence Day Celebrations At Anna Stadium

We presented a fabulous show with 400 students on the theme ‘Colours of India’ during the Independence Day celebrations at  Anna Stadium.  It was an integration of dances from various states of India:  the Thivathira Kali of Kerala, Kohli of Maharashtra, Garba of Gujarat, OYIL and Silambam of Tamilnadu and Bhangra of Punjab, were fused along with other presentations like Drill, Pyramid and Lotus Formations. The grand finale was  stunning with boys painted in saffron, white and green performing for the Vande Matharam in the centre surrounded by the various dancing groups dancing in circles in their respective styles and outlined by a line of students on bicycles with National Flags moving with  precision and perfection.

The show not only won the applause of the audience but also the First Position as the  best performance of the day. The District Collector appreciated our show  and awarded the certificate and shield for winning the first prize.

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