A visit by a Team from USA

A team of 10 youth volunteers led by three adults from Hindu American Temple Cultural Centre and Sringeri  Vidya  Bharathi Foundation INC. USA visited us this year and stayed with us for two weeks.

This was our first visit by volunteers from the States.

During their stay they extended their support for teaching conversational English both in Sri Jayendra and GKV. They also got very involved with dance, craft, science and computer projects with small groups of children. India’s Independence Day coincided with their visit and this gave them a chance to perform along with our school students at the District Independence Day Celebrations in the Anna Stadium. Their participation in the cultural events and dances brought them very close to the students of Sri Jayendra and made their visit exciting and fun filled. They enjoyed their stay very much and  left with a heavy heart, promising that they will all return next year. We very much hope they will and look forward to their return.










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