Millhillians visit – A Truly Transformative Experience

June and July are special months for Jayendrans: it is when our dear Millhillians visit. This year 22 students and 4 teachers arrived in the third week of June. They were led by the Deputy Head of Mill Hill School, Ms Jane Sanchez who is also a Geography teacher.

Each Mill Hill pupil was allotted a group of students from class 4 to 8. Our pupils  learnt a great deal from their interaction with native English speakers and their  experience was truly transformative giving them a much deeper understanding not just of language but of a different culture.

Ms Lucinda, an art teacher, spent much of her time in the Art room painting a mural depicting the Geographical and Cultural diversities between the two countries and bond between Jayendra and Mill Hill. Our Art masters, Jayendrans and Millhillians helped her to accomplish her task.

Ms Sanchez conducted a very lively and interactive geography demonstration class for our staff which was very much appreciated.

As usual there were various activities during their all too brief two week stay

The Priory basket Ball Tournament was a highlight together with music classes, sports activities and dancing.

The Millhillians enjoyed trips round Tirunelveli, the Car festival, a weekend trip to Kanykumari, visits to waterfalls and temples and, of course, shopping.

On July 9, the Thanksgiving and Annual Award Distribution ceremony was arranged in a very grand manner. The Mural painted by Ms Linda was formally inaugurated in the evening followed by some enthralling music by our school choir. The dances presented on the day were extraordinary and made for a vibrant, spectacular and memorable event.

General Proficiency prizes, awards for the toppers and the Memorial Prizes for students who excelled in the 2016-17 academic year were distributed by the special guests from London.

The function came to an end with a meal served in our Basket ball court.

The next day staff and students from Jayendra bid farewell to the Millhillians in morning assembly by dedicating a song to them and wished them happy journey.






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