Cherished moments with Mrs. & Mr. William Winfield

On October 25th Jayendrans gave a warm welcome to Mr William Winfield and Mrs Margaret Winfield our distinguished and cherished friends. Mr. Winfield, now retired, was the Headmaster of Mill Hill School and he initiated the partnership with Sri Jayendra.

As with all of their visits (this was their fifth) they had a wonderful and positive impact on the staff and children.

The students of classes 9 and 11 very much benefited from Mr. Winfield’s fantastic English Classes while the younger children from classes 6 to 8 enjoyed being taught by Mrs Winfield.

During their stay they inaugurated the new reading room in the library and, as a part of the Pasumai Bharatham programme, helped plant saplings  in and around G.K.V school.

On their final evening, the 30th October, a farewell party and get together was organised in the Priory Conference Centre. The school choir performed songs in various world languages and there was a display of fusion dance which was much enjoyed.

 After the dinner we bid our fond farewells: we hope to see them again soon.

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