Thanksgiving Celebration & Annual Prize Distribution

The three week visit by pupils and staff from Mill Hill School in London was as always a huge success. Our pupils enjoyed their interaction with ‘the foreigners’ and delighted in their ability to converse easily with them in English. Close relationships were formed and of course the farewells were emotional. It is our custom to hold a Thankgiving Function for the Millhillians before they return home. This year we held this on Saturday 19th July.

Loganathan, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Tirunelveli City, graced the day as the President. Our Principal delivered the Welcome Speech after which, as a token of love, we honoured Mr. Paul and the Mill Hill teachers; Miss Victoria Dempster, Ms. Rachel Bradley, Dr. Blaiklock and Mr. Fearghal Evans with a bouquet and shawl.

During the Prize Giving the achievers of X & XII Standard of the year 2013-14 were appreciated and the General Proficiency Prizes and Memorial Prizes were also given together with the awards to the winners of Quiz Competition and Music and Dance Competitions. We are proud to announce that we won Rs.1 lakh as prize money in the Vina Vidai Quiz Event conducted by ‘Pudhuyugam TV’ channel.

Then followed some wonderful musical entertainment including a colourful traditional dances like Karagattam, Kavadi with some spectacular colourful costumes. Some of the Millhillians took part in these dances after training for many days beforehand.

After our Correspondent delivered the Vote of Thanks the performers, Millhillians, guests and many pupils gathered for a farewell meal on the Basketball Court where the celebrations went on into the night.

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