Ignite 13: “Let there be light”

Ignite is a national competition for school pupils up to XII standard. Original technological ideas and innovations are submitted for judgement by a panel of experts. The competition is organised by the National Innovation Foundation of India in partnership with the CBSE and SRISTI  together with a number of State Educational Boards.

For the 2013 competition every state in India and the union territories had pupils who submitted ideas: 20,836 entries in all. From this huge total the panel of experts selected just 38 for awards and one of these was from Jayendra pupil A. Gautham Praveen of XI Standard. He had submitted a design and prototype of a device for removing and replacing light bulbs in difficult to reach sockets.

He will be presented with his award on 19th November  in Ahmedabad where there will be a an exhibition of all the winning projects.

The NIF will patent each idea in the name of the pupil who created it and engage designers and fabricators to develop prototypes.

It gives us great pleasure and satisfaction to know that we have in the School pupils who are creative and innovative thinkers which is something we try to nurture. Well done Gautham!


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