Mr. William Winfield Visits Sri Jayendra

We were delighted to welcome Mr. William Winfield who arrived on 24th February for his fourth visit in as many years.

Mr. Winfield was Headmaster of Mill Hill School until his retirement in 2007 and it was he who initiated the partnership between Mill Hill and Sri Jayendra: a partnership which has been of such great value to us.

He was of course given the warmest of welcomes and although he was with us for only one week he again demonstrated his passion for teaching by willingly handling 25 classes at IX and XI Standard.

With his enthusiasm in class and his creative and interactive approach, he totally captured the minds and hearts of the students. They loved his classes: his teaching sessions are something our students look forward to very much.

His visit coincided with the celebration of our Mini Convocation and Sports Day for the Kindergarten and Primary school children. We were very pleased that he agreed to be the Chief Guest of Honour.

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