Every activity happening in the school becomes great success because of the guidance, support and encouragement given by our beloved Principal Mrs. Usha Raman.We dedicated the first week of February for making the classrooms, grounds and corridors beautiful and informative. Students joined hands with their teachers and made wonders. The classroom notice boards, veranda display boards and corridors turned out colourful, beautiful with lots of information based on different themes.
We strongly believe that various opportunities provided to students in the school through varieties of experiences help to bring about the holistic development of each child.
The Art and Craft Exhibition showcased the artistic and creative potentiality of our students and the talents of our art teachers.
Our kindergarten students and staff celebrated their Colours Day with fun and excitement. The fabulous colourful displays were put in. Various activities based on colours were conducted for the kids. Our tiny tots looked beautiful with their coloured attires. It was an excellent learning experience for children to enhance their visual discrimination.
We had a very special guest Mr. Nigel Wray, one of our most generous benefactors on February 7. He was given a warm, cordial welcome by the students and staff in the morning assembly. It was a great pleasure for us to be able to express our gratitude to him for all he has done for us by dedicating a song by our school choir students which was written and tuned exclusively for him. Mr. Nigel Wray visited all the labs, library, art and craft room, ATL lab, Basketball ground and Cricket Ground accompanied by our Principal Mrs. Usha Raman and Correspondent Mrs. Nirmal Ramarathinam. We were delighted that he showed interest in interacting with our students, observed every display with utmost interest and appreciated them.