Hearty Congratulations to the Youngest Ranndoneur of Nellai!

A heart-felt “well done” to our Class 10 student Kruthick Ramkumar who attempted, participated and completed the challenging Audax India centenary 200 kms ranndoneuring and made us proud.

Randonneuring is non-competitive timed long-distance cycling over predefined courses. Typically, riders attempt routes of 200K or longer with checkpoints occurring every 50 – 100K. Riders aim to complete the course within specified time limits, and receive equal recognition regardless of their finishing order.

Kruthick’s passion, dedication and determination made him to become the youngest ranndonneur of Tirunelveli. He was appreciated and recognised in the school by the principal and staff. We congratulate him for his achievement and We are so happy for him. We are sure that there are many more accomplishments ahead of Kruthick and wish him good luck!

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