Communicating Awareness About COVID-19 through Music

Music has the power of spreading awareness magically. As a drive to stress the importance of following COVID-19 safety guidelines and getting vaccinated, our beloved Principal Mrs. Usha Raman penned a social awareness song. The song has been set to tune beautifully with a folk touch by our school music master Mr. Jesurajan and he also gave voice for it along with our music teacher Mrs.Pratiba and choir students.

The audio CD of the song was released by Honourable District Collector Vishnu and the first copy was received by the District Revenue office Mr. A. Perumal. During the audio CD release, the entire team presented the song in front of the dignitaries in the Collectorate. Our correspondent Mrs.Nirmal Ramaratnam and Vice Principal Mrs.Ganga Mani attended the audio release event.

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