Skating Rink Inauguration and Kindergarten Sports Day

The inauguration of the New Skating Rink and Annual sports function of our school Kinder Garten was held on the 10 March 2019 in the School playground at 4 p.m. On that day, the atmosphere of the school took a festive look. A great interest was observed among the students and the parents in watching the new facility to get inaugurated.

Mr.E. Sundaravathanam IPS (ASP Under training) and Dr.A.JayachitraAnbuchelvan, District Sports and Youth welfare Officer inaugurated the Skating Rink and appreciated the Skating Performance of the kids on the new rink. They also presided over the Kinder Garten Sports function. Fun races and sports events for the kids made the crowd to cheer up. The winners were awarded Trophies. The guests and the audience appreciated the efforts of the kids.



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