We pride ourselves on the wide range of activities in which our pupils participate and all are encouraged to find something that interests them, be it sport, music, dance, community projects or quizzes and the like. We believe all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (and Jill a dull girl!). It is wonderful to see a child developing skills and getting real enjoyment out of an activity. It makes their lives richer, gives them a greater sense of self worth, helps develop team spirit and their relationships with others and makes the School a fun and dynamic place for all of us to enjoy.

We are keen to give pupils learning experiences outside the classroom and to this end we organise many educational trips.

Excursions provide a way for pupils to be introduced to new environments, experience new things and help them to get real enjoyment out of learning. We believe this is very valuable.

On every Saturday in the months of January, February and March we organize one day excursions to places of educational interest chosen to suit each age group.

Typically we will visit:

  • Ramayanpatti farm
  • Rajavallipuram lake (Bird Watching)
  • Tuticorin port
  • Manappadu beach which is also the site of an old Portuguese settlement
  • Kanyakumari beach and Vivekananda rock
  • Maathur thotti palam
  • Padmanabapuram Palace
  • Vattakottai fort
  • Courtallam water fall and Eco park
  • Papanasam water fall and dam
  • Wintage fruit juice factory

Many of our pupils would never experience trips like these from home and they find the experience tremendously exciting and enjoyable.

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