The School

Sri Jayendra School was founded in 1981 as a co-educational English medium school by the current Principal Usha Raman and Correspondent Mrs. Nirmal Ramarathinam, because there was a lack of educational facilities locally. From its start as a Kindergarten in rented rooms the school has developed over three decades into a highly successful Matriculation Higher Secondary School catering for 2,700 pupils from Lower Kindergarten to XII Standard.

Situated in a compact but very attractive leafy site in the village of Sankarnagar near Tirunelveli, the School has excellent facilities which a browse through this website will show. This, combined with an enthusiastic well qualified staff, produces spectacular results both inside the classroom and out.

We are very anxious to offer education to every section of society. To this end our fees are kept very low: we could not possibly have developed the School as it is by using only our fee income. We have benefited enormously from the generosity of philanthropic donors from India and abroad. This charitable giving enables us not only to develop our facilities but to offer places to many deprived children as mentioned below.

The Vedapadasala

Ten to fifteen poor boys are accommodated in ‘The Mutt’ where they learn to chant the Vedas (the Hindu scriptures). They attend school in the normal way during the day. All their tuition and living costs are provided free. We often refer to these boys affectionately if inaccurately as ‘the monks’. They can be seen chanting the Vedas in the video clip below.

Please click here to see more videos of the monks chanting.

Tsunami Victims

A group of twelve children who were victims of the 2004 Tsunami are supported at the school by funds raised by Mill Hill School in London. All of their needs are provided for. Some of them are proving to be very able students.

Sponsored Children

About 200 children from poor backgrounds have some or all of their fees paid by sponsors in the UK. Sometimes this may be for a short time to help a family through temporary difficulties but often it is for the child’s entire career at the school. We are anxious to maintain and if possible expand this very valuable initiative.

If you would like to sponsor a child at Sri Jayendra please click here and complete the email with the details requested: we will contact you shortly. Alternatively, if this link does not send on your browser, please email us at the address below.

Gita Krishnamurthy Vidyalaya

The Gita Krishnamurthy Vidyalaya is an English medium free primary school for very poor children from local villages. It is administered by the same educational trust as Sri Jayendra School and Usha Raman has overall responsibility for both schools. Follow the link for further details.

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